Mind Map — September 13, 2019

Mind Map

With this Mind Mapping blog activity, my original plan was to try and figure out my options for what to do over winter break. I wanted to make sure that my mind maps were somewhat neat, while allowing my ideas to flow at the same time. I then took one of the concepts from the first mind map and created another using the same process. I found it easier to do so because I have been wanting to go on a vacation over winter break with my family for a few years now. Mind mapping seemed to be easiest when I was able to go off a central idea that really meant something to me personally.

I was trying to achieve letting my ideas flow hoping this would be a solution to help me be able to achieve being able to go on a vacation over winter break.

When doing this mind map, it was hard for me to figure out what problem I wanted to explore and map further. I found it a bit more difficult to branch off of ideas for my winter plans that weren’t as exciting, such as working or taking a class. I was able to come up with some more concepts to branch off of these when I stepped away from the activity for an hour, where I was able to think more about the pros and cons of each option. In general, because I consider myself to be a very organized person, I found it difficult to really just let myself go in this activity (in terms of just writing and doodling without thinking). I kept having to remind myself that it was okay to let ideas and concepts out onto the paper because there would be no judgement. I solved this issue by deciding to map about something I have wanted to do for a long time now hoping it would make that dream come true. I don’t get to go on many vacations with my family so it is something I hope will work out and I can look forward to.

My AHA moment was when I realized that mind mapping is a really great tool to help problem solve! As I was putting down ideas, and the more and more I thought about it, the more I realized that the activity allowed me to see the benefits of all my winter break options and the cons of them as well. When these ideas were able to be laid out right in front of me, it actually helped me have to have sudden insight on what I should do over the winter break. According to what we learned in class, creativity is not a natural process of the brain and it actually goes against the natural process of following patterns. I believe this is why mind mapping is a productive way to note ideas or problem solve because patterns can be found and connections can be made.

If I had more time, I would have probably spent more time on  adding even more branches off of the central idea. I would have also included more visuals, and probably put more effort into the way they turned out. If time allowed, I would have liked to have left less blank space than I did.

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